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What's NOM

  • NOM is an academic community for Japanese paleontologists related to radiolarians

  • Our activity

  • Three-year round radiolarian meetings (domestic)
  • Publishing NOM volumes

  • Our Publications

  • PDFs of the previous issues (go to TERRAPUB www site)
  • NOM Spec. Volume No. 14 (on_line publish on Feb, 2009)
  • How to buy the printed version (now making)
  • Instruction to the authors (Japanese only) (now making)

  • Radiolarian information

  • Link to (the formal Website of international radiolarian community)
  • Link to Geodiverstas. Catalogue of Mesozoic radiolaria genera with holotype figures is downloadable.

  • Radiolarian database

  • Nori's radiolarian synonym database
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    User ID: Meyen_Ehrenberg
    password: Actinomma
  • Radiolarian reference database (created by Dr. N. Suzuki)

  • This site is designed by Drs. Kaoru Ogane and Harumasa Kano (Tohoku Univ. Japan)